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this made me sad because with real life there really isn't a happy end ether you happy with your life or not. either way you die and you can still try to help those in the end but man my tear they be shredded.

I love it! ...but always seem to end with unfortunately. There is no winning, is there?


there isnt really a way to "win", but if you do collect all 8 mementos you'll reach the ending!


The last sentence always disappears before I can read it. :( What am I doing wrong?

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Such a calming and thoughtful game! I loved the connection between slot machines and life events.


I like how it restarts. It's like you're passing the baton to another person.


A beautiful and comforting game. It's relatable and relieving. The music choice was great too! Thank you for sharing this :)

this is such a beautiful and well done game, i really enjoyed playing this and your other games :)

Such a well thought out game!

Great expirience,  wakes up your soul.

It takes "life is a gamble" quite literally and figuratively, hmm? :')

Made a video

good 9/10


its great but the last checkbox of each 'cutcene' dissapear to fast i can read

This artwork is gorgeous. I really enjoyed playing!

Love it! would love to see more events.