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A spacebar counter is a tool that helps to improve spacebar button speed. You can visit the space bar counter tool and improve your spacebar button speed.

WTF AMOGUS!1!1!1!1

This is so fun to play space bar counter while working on your aim too. Your game comes up with such accuracy. Also helped me to increase my hitting and typing speed too. A bundle of thanks for providing us with such amazing tools and that too without charging even a cent from users. That is simply spectacular

spacebar counter is Trending all over the globe and the most used game just because of its features and accuracy to improve gamer shotting skills

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I really love this game, good job, the pixel art is amazing!

Is there any way to contact you? I would love to talk about your games, as I've been browsing your GitHub repos, and I have a few questions too! :D

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thank you! feel free to email me at

So much fun!!

This was a very fun exercise in typing. Played it till my hands were aching. Nice work!

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thank you so much <3 please be sure to give your hands a rest though!!