play as an eager, boba-loving bunny whose task is to sip up as many toppings as possible before the milk tea runs out. analyze numbers & tap to locate the bubbles just beneath the surface. no one wants a bunch of wasted tapioca at the bottom, right??

customize your boba cup, choose your favorite flavor and toppings, and suit up to achieve the highest score!

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Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(75 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, Casual, Cute, Hand-drawn, Point & Click, Relaxing, Singleplayer, Unity


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All I'm getting is an empty purple screen :(

Cute game! I got stuck because you can't shuffle the grid when one of the cells has hit bottom e.g.


i love the art style! ^_^


Too bad, i can't play this on mobile phone 😔

I think it's region locked

It's not. Unity's WebGL simply does not work on phones.

I mostly just said that because I couldn't find it on my it only on Android or something


bug: sometimes the grid stops working, doesnt matter the grid size. please fix!


i cant change the flavor or topping :(

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This was a wonderful experience! Just like minesweeper but better <3 can anyone explain why I can't get a 100% on these levels? Best i got was 99%, and on at least two occasions i had enough tea to find all the tapioca. Yet when i uncovered the last one i ended up getting a 97%? Thanks!


HA I KNEW YOU WERE THE ONE WHO MADE BOBA!!!! I could just tell! boba has been my favorite game for at least a month now :) great work!!!


how do i shake the cup on my laptop?

press space!

I also have the same problem, I pressed space nothing changed? Do I hold it or spam it or???

You can only shake when it's all zeros

thank you:)


I really like this game, the only problem is that the game doesn't let you get the last tapioca even when you have extra tea left :C Nnaaaah...


Loved this puzzle game! It took me a little while to understand how to play, but then I stopped trying to speedrun the levels and found it really relaxing and fun. I love boba tea and definitely feel that tea/tapioca ratio struggle for sure! Thank you for such a pretty game :)


Really cute but I had no idea how to play

same lol

Every number says how many tapioca is under it or under the right/left/up/down sides, an easy example to understand is when numbers are like this:

1  0  0

1  1  0

1  0  0

0  0  0     In this case there is only bubba on the middle 1.

Another example:

0  0  0

1  0  0

2  1  0

2  1  0

1  0  0

0  0  0    In this case there is bubba under both 2s, since there is one bubba under the number and a second bubba under the up/down side.

Idk how to explain it better, is just reverse classic mines game


love this game! so so addictive and super cute style. I love that you can choose the tea flavor and the topping each game. all of the characters are cute as well! i find that when I am having a perfect game however, the game tends to stop responding and I cant click anything but the home button. otherwise its perfect!! 

vv cute


I don't really know what I was doing, but this was surprisingly fun! I loved the customization options and the overall aesthetic. my highest scores (in the order of 4x4, 6x6, 8x8) are 90%, 86%, 84%. This was just super fun, even if I didn't fully understand ahaha.


this is adorable and addicting. i love it


so cute


This is really cool but can I change the clothes?


loved the concept and the art. I was a little confused about if there were levels or what i was acheiving


Really good puzzle (─‿‿─) , the thematic and the visual implementation together are amazing! Congratulations!


This is adorable  !!  The style and animation go so well together, I love it  !  ^^  

The whole game is put together really well and the use of colors / options / details makes it so cool  ,  well done darling  <3


Super adorbs!