"good morning!" is a short morning routine simulator about starting your day right. play through a few colorful minigames and puzzles until you're ready to take on the day.

note: if the web version doesn't work, please try downloading it!

music: dj quads - its near

check out the source code here!


FreeGamePlanet: "A fun little experience that will turn you into a morning person!"
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
GenreSimulation, Puzzle
Made withUnity, Paint Tool SAI
Tags2D, artgame, Casual, Cute, First-Person, Life Simulation, Short, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds


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backgrounds 。・:*:・゚★,。・ 1 MB
mac.app.zip 38 MB
windows x32.zip 33 MB
windows x64.zip 36 MB


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So cuuute!

OMG this is so cute!!! i love this game! <3

So cute!! I love all the lil easter eggs lol


its cool that you added the source code as well! My code would be way to messy to put out there at the beta stage my current game https://guldor.itch.io/citybuilder :P love the simple and cleanness of your game! very well done like a tiny experience wrapped in a game :D and the burning toothbrush is the best! :P


so cute

(1 edit) (+2)

Idk if im dum or something, but i kind of got stuck in the PC mini game. Someone help please XD (I figured out, lovely game btw OwO)

hey I'm stuck there too. How did u get out?

(1 edit)

There is a button that you can click to see text in the pictures(its an interrogation). Each section goes verticaly.In the right side of the screan you can see IF and THEN, once you have the text form of the blocks you can start ordering them properly OwO.  So for example, The last section is about a tooth brush, you have to put: IF i move the mouse too fast THEN  it seted on fire. 

I hope i made myself clear but if you need me to explain it again i will OwO

Yeah, I tried that but it kept telling me I was wrong lmaooo

I'll try again. Maybe it was just a glitch in the matrix lol. 

Thank you, though!!

No problem!


I have played this game so much it's so cute and adorable


I love this game, it's so cute!


that was so cute and fun, I loved it, I love your artstyle so much, thanks for sharing your game!!


i love this<3

Omg this game is adorable! I love how soft and calming it is! I wish it could be longer, though! Super wholesome. Keep it up! ^ . ^

adorable! thank you :3


i expected this game to have some sort of dark twist tf

It's the manlybadasshero fan syndrome

okay now im seeing you everywhere


w h a t

i keep seeing your comments on every game i play </3


i see u nagi TOE 😏


such a delight! just what i needed after a super anxious day :)


Very cute and relaxing game. I really love the music.

This is such an adorable game, I love the outfit section. However in the "work on a project" mini game there must be some kind of bug because after I misplaced a couple of the tiles it wouldn't let me move them and I had to start the game over. Keep making games! You have a fantastic style!


i think i broke the game...

Poobihead my name in reallife is costa not Costa0-1 but the game worked for me online if your not talking about the online version comment back


yall the game isnt working does anyone know why???

I made a gameplay on the game and had fun, I hope you guys can support me >w<

This game was really fun to play despite it being short. I love the art, it was a homey-vibe into it, it looks comfy and wholesome at the same time. The puzzles/interactions were also fun to do, they were simple and you can easily tell what to do. The music was something I was iffy about, it sounded great and all but I would suggest to have some music changes depending on the scene so it doesn't seem repetitive but that's all of for my review! Also the backgrounds/wallpapers was a great bonus, I use it as my phone wallpaper.

I would like to see a sequel? Maybe like a "good after" or "good evening" or maybe something different and go to a darker path like "good bye" there's so many you can do! 

Overall: I love it, keep up the great work! Good luck in your future projects and I will leave a follow because I love your works.

PS. I want to eat 10 waffles >:(

holy fuck that music is L O U D


Aw, this was a GEM! Oh, I absolutely loved this one! 'Twas once upon a time when I was called "The Simon Cowell of itch.io". That wasn't a lie. I absolutely loved all about this game! If it were $1000, I'd still play it!

-Screech King, The Simon Cowell of itch.io.

Interesting idea. Atmospheric music. However, I got confused on some riddles.

hehe mi 2

good game but you should add skip button in "work on a project" because now i cant finish the game,9/10 because coudnt complete

oh that one! You can press the "?" button in the corner and see the words which will help to put them in order. Have fun! :D

thanks i completed it,can you make another?

Oops! Sorry! I think you misunderstood. I'm not the developer. I'm just another normal person lol. I only wanted to help you with the game :3

ok LOL


Was a really fun game and loved the art in it! The music was super nice too and suited everything so much. Everything was really well made, even the coding puzzle part (which I got stuck at for a while but was still fun to play!) Overall a really great game to spend time on and play! Well done and keep it up! And good luck on future projects!


This game was super cute!!!! <333


A nice and peaceful game :) The art is super cute! I love it!

Please check out my channel: VladMan. Thank you!


Super cute and wholesome. The art is super cute and well made!!



i played wholesome games, this was one of them hehe :)

what a cozy game... makes me want to eat waffles


i loved making the waffles when it told me to stop


 I enjoyed this wonderful game. thanks. this game motivates me to get up in the morning. very cute and so sweet.

p.s. every city needs its own waffle man :D


Very cute, great job :)


Oh wow this game was so cute! I love all the colors and the style. Solid 10/10 if you want a non-stressful game. :DDDD


this is so cute! reminds me of the flash games i used to play as a kid :) my fave bit was the getting dressed minigame, i chose the ~~~fancy outfit, also the art style and music are really great :D


I'm just being honest. I went crazy with the waffles.


I really liked the art of the game and the waffles 10/10


I love these types of games so much! It was such a calming and chill game that really made me smile! 10/10


this game is so cute it almost feels like im living the life of Ashley form bestdressed

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