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Adorable! I stacked the waffles ^^Image

so friggin cute, 10/10 waffle takeover simulator

This game is adorable ♥

i wish i could get past ughh

i think the only way is to RUN the game not download oopsies

nvm i figured it out it works everyway!

awww i lovee thiiss!!!


This game is so cute! and i think i broke it........ sorry


wafkles 🤤🤤🤤

love it so much


so cute!! love the music tho there is a glitch on the work on project thingy i had to restart it to have it work

You can never get enough waffles man.


i made 2 1/2 stacks of waffles until the toaster didnt show any more


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its so cute, i loved it!

This was a very fun and cute game and I enjoyed it a lot, thank you so much for the experience!!!

it's so cuuute, but i need more parts aaaa

sorry i didn't stop,,



Rise up waffle gang Waffle gang

this game was so cute and fun!

wasn't able to get passed the project bit, but the game is so aesthetic and nice that idc i love it anyways 


how to go past make a projwct think?

such a cute and relaxing game! i enjoyed ty!!


make the day.

very cute! i enjoyed playing it!


Can't stop, won't stop, never gonna stop


cute game ! love the warm soft color palette chosen, and the music to go along with it ! cute art, and fun easy minigames ! love how it pieces together so nicely. definitely a job well done ! <3




i can't pass the work on a project

hit the ? on the bottom right of the screen, it says "If" or "Then" & you rearrange them in that order

Hey cnnmonsugar this game was nice and relaxing, it's also beautiful and smoot.I hope you keep making more because this was so good that I ended up commenting.

Well have a good day or night, actually since they are both time have a good time. 


this game is very realistic because even after doing everything I can and putting in every combination I still haven't done enough on the project

10/10 release me from this mortal prison


i love waffles


waffle bonsai




i have created a waffle tower that reaches the heavens


so cute and fun! the project stumped me for a bit before i saw the ? button, but i loved all of it!


For anyone having problems with the project: then click ? After your done 



this is very nice :)


I’m curious what are the texts were written in the notepad. I don’t want to know who though; I think that is a privacy concern anyway.

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I can't get past the working on the project??? it's a cute game but Im confused like even when ordering it correctly nothing happens? it's kinda just stuck

try to remove one piece and put it back again -- might be slightly buggy, sorry about that!


"-302 waffles"




I wasn’t persistent enough. I only made 3 stacks just below the screen, and reached ‘STOP’ count.

This deserves the “Waffle factory” achievement.


i got -15 waffles noooo

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