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such a cute game. i absolutely love it .


Okay, it's too long. It is no character limit?

This game was so cute I love it!!


mmmm consume waffle yes much waffle I like mm

So cute! I really enjoyed the simple feel of it and it was adorable :D

very cute and well made! <3

Such a neat looking game! and so relatable haha. Love it! 😅👍


NEVER TOO MANY WAFFLES. i love this game very cute and short

rlly cute game i love the wallpapers T_T



your welcome mistah plant

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Very cute! Gives me motivation to do stuff today~

screenshot of waffles
the game: make waffles! me: ok the game: STOP THAT'S ENOUGH--



how do i change the "work on a project" on pc (don't mind me i'm just an idiot)


I was having that problem too but im on chromebook... It wont let me go past the work project and i even did it right~ its a great game though!


make sure the messages match with the other messages

so cute, love the art style!!

It was so cute. I feel ready for my dayヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

A lovely short game to start off my morning! Really enjoyed it c: <3

omg this was so aesthetically pleasingngg

Love the cute art style here! Very cute little game.


i ate no breakfast

guess i starve

Cute little game


I'm laughing at the last outfit xd


i love how you set the toothbrush on fire

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im stuck on the work on a project part

try open the '?' button!

Such a cute and simple game <3




Loved it, an amazing art style! 👌👌👍👍

this is a normal amount of waffles

can i have some?

Im stuck on "work on a project"
oof pls help


You just need to put the IF options in the IF (same with THEN)


it dont work with me

I featured this in my video (at 4:26)


Really cute piece! Love it!

Cute little game 'bout getting ready :) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

how do you write on the what's on your mind part?


u just click in "write here..." 

This was great!


I love it, 10/10





Great game

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