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I'm just being honest. I went crazy with the waffles.

I really liked the art of the game and the waffles 10/10

I love these types of games so much! It was such a calming and chill game that really made me smile! 10/10

this game is so cute it almost feels like im living the life of Ashley form bestdressed

this was super duper cute


Well I wrote "fuck this world" on the notepad lol cute game

you can't stop me

Still going

What have I done

congrats you've broken the simulation

sorry but i win



I Wish You Could Wear The Glamorous Outfit XD

A Little Tea For Me A Little Tea For Plant XD

so cute! Love the art style so much haha!

It is such a cute and relaxing game! :)


this game is so adorable!


really cute and short game <3




i messed up on the work on a project and now im confused help lmaoooojsddfgf

sameee i need help on it XD


I really like the game much more the art style! <3 Hope to see more games like this :) 


Why are my waffles floating? :^


Also why does my plant drink tea?

Funny :)

That was really cute!

Great mini game for better day :) 

haha cute, i got stuck at "if this happens then this"


Interactivity: FUN. I get to play all types of mini-games. 

Plot: It was nice to view someone routine in a non-boring youtube way. 

Would I play Again: Sure


I need a glass of Milk.


This ????? Is ????? The ????? Cutest ????? Game ?????

Simple and sweet and fun. I loved it a lot.

nice  game for a new day :V


I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but this was so fun! I loved the third-wall that the projector minigame introduced (even though it took me a minute to figure it out). A few times I didn't see the arrow tell me to move on, but it wasn't that big of an issue.

so coooool damn

Adored your game and probably clowned around too much on the recording. Thanks for the relaxing morning!


Absolutely adorable! I wish getting up and getting ready was this easy! Your art style is lovely, btw! :-)


It's such a lovely game and chill music


This was really cute! I really liked the art style and whole aesthetic that the game had <3


Quick hack for quick waffles:

  1. Click the waffle, but don't drag it yet. Just drop it.
  2. If it lands on the toaster, you can drag it to the plate.
  3. If all goes to plan, you will have 2 waffles during the next batch.

Repeat as needed.

So adorable!!!!!

i love this!! :3

this was so cute! definitely made me a little happier, pep in my step today

This game made me so happy! I love the artstyle and how this game showcases the importance of a good routine for a great start to the day.




10/10 will play again to have tea with my friend.

Love it! Glitches a bit though

Such a cute lil' game~! <3

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