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this was my first aesthetic game and you made me so happy!^^ that i chose this holy game it made me think that i owned an aesthetic life it also made me more calm but another thing is..the screen resolution of the game didnt fit my screen so i had to play half of the game it was quite sad but it made my day better (^o^)

it sooo cut

I really enjoyed this game! Art and music was on point. What did you use to create the art?

im gonna cry, this game is adorable

Everything about this game is my jam (pun intended!)

I had a great day thanks to this game

why my screen is black

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i needed this :(


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Hey I'm a video game music composer- I don't know how to contact you but I came across this game and it's so awesome! I write similar music to what you're using so maybe we can collaborate because I really dig what you're doing.

Thank you! Feel free to reach out to me at

so precious and relaxing uwu

Nice fun little puzzles and activities.  I love the music and relaxed feel.

love it its so cute

ps also like all the Easter eggs 

this is such a cute game! :)

SUCh a lovely game. really stress relieving, and the illustrations were ABSOLUTELY preCiOUs. love, lOve, LOVE!! <3


Simple, interesting and warm. Nothing like a little game to start the day with and related to, you guessed it, starting your day! It'll be interesting to go meta and actually try this when I get up in the morning.

I love all your games .3.

love the lofi music

So cute :0

hey, I loved the song and would love to have it and have more similar versions, but says the profile does not exist. :c

thanks for letting me know! they changed their soundcloud name so i updated it now to their new one.

thank you. sz


this is game best aver!! and all thase pinks i LOVE PINKS AVER!!! TY

now THIS is the cutest thing i've played in the last month, i am CRYING DKJFHSFKDJHFDKJHSDFKJHDFSKH

so so so so cute !!!!

made me smile on finals day

The game was so colorful and cute!

I hope you won't mind if I upload my gameplay on my youtube channel. I want to share it with my friends and everyone! :3

Thank You!

Keep Up the Good Work!

Ahh so cute! I loved it so much!

Wholesome as all heck! Thank you!

Very cute! Much aesthetic.

i ate to many waffle



13/10 would make the game panic over my beautiful waffle tower again. Super super cute game!


This game actually made me a morning person !!


This game was very cute and charming. I felt calm and melancholic while playing but I was smiling the whole time, what a rad experience :) 

i wish my mornings were half as cute and nice as this game

Did a little commentary free playthrough; 

I really loved this! It was just so adorable, calming and how everyone should wake up in the morning. Can't wait to see more from it. 

Gorgeous game :) Super cute and fun to play

really simple cute game!

I still hate mornings haha but nice game

Noice Game. 10 out of 10 would play again

it is a good morning :)

normally I have no soul and don't usually cry at things or appreciate things that I really should/that any normal person would but even I have seen the beauty in this. :>

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