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Really fun game, your the BEST creator on, but the instructions were a little hard to understand so I ended up messing up a lot and either getting fired or almost getting fired. I think this is just a me problem because I'm dumb as a rock, so I rate this game 10 cupcakes out of 10!

This game is the absolute best! I had so much fun with it and went down the 94% or something path and tried to get fired, both were hilarious. My only issue was that the text was really hard to read, especially on the articles. I had to crane my neck. But if you fixed that, you'd have an AWESOME game for sure!


i like the game but the only thing is i am not able to move the paper article pieces 


for some reason you can't click and drag. you need to hover over the paper and hold down space to move it. hope i helped!


Loved the concept and game itself! I did struggle a bit with the game play- the articles themselves proved quite hard to piece together and read. Otherwise, a promising game!

it won't let me type anything. otherwise i would love to play the game


I have no idea how to treat sickness  

I thought this game was a great concept! I did have some mechanical issues that really took away from the gameplay, but I do like it's holistic approach at heathcare. Also, cats..


what do you type in the "key word"


im confused


this game was so cute and, as a nursing student, it was such a nice refresher from my usual nursing material. this game was a nice reminder that nursing is centered around hollistic care!! i truly enjoyed this game c:



When I prescribed Nembutal for insomnia, it made me lose due to patient dissatisfaction?! Please fix.

There are specific, holistic treatments for each disease. The answer for that one was aromatherapy. Ya gotta remember, this is a cute game about cats, not med school lol


for people who don't understand, you talk tot he patients and you have to figure out the key word in which you type it into the key and then solve the puzzle. once you solve the puzzle the paper will tell you the cure. so if the patient has sleeping problems, the key word could be "sleep'

if the patient has sleeping problems ( and you have already done the puzzle) you the key word for the note is aromatherapy.


i still don't understand how to use the file key thing, i'm not sure what words to type. some one help!

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After 1 hour, I've finally figured out how to play this and how to get whopping 112% Would have never thought it'd be possible to get a catisfaction over 100% :D

Other letters for each group of percentage would have been cool and more detailed instructions would have been really helpful like "Figure out the key word you can type in to 'look' in the archive Tammie left you" :)


wow that's awesome! my highest was 99%

My computer iz so LAG ! D:

The art is super pretty and cute, and helping the patients is very fun, but I have 1 major problem that bothers me a lot. 

When trying to put pieces together with the paper, in website mode I am clicking and holding the spacebar at the same time, but it's just so laggy and slow, when I try to move the pieces they're so delayed, it bothers me a lot.

Perhaps it's just my computer, because my computer does tend to be pretty slow.


The text is WAY too small. Like in non-windowed and windowed modes, the text is blurry and hard to read. Random letters don't appear, like "l"s and "i"s. And since the resolution is so low, playing it in non-windowed mode makes everything blurry.

Besides that, it's a cute game. A bit weird with the controls, and the lack of a notebook to remind you of symptoms, but it's decent for the premise of it! 


H o w  d o  i  e v e n  p l a y



Just finished playing it (with a 40% haha) and I think the game was really cute! The art's adorable and the GUI is really nice; I had to learn how to use it, but it's def beautiful (I loved the page flip!) It took me a little bit to understand how the game worked as a whole but I liked the investigative aspect of it, and it was very satisfying to figure out the keywords! And I feel like I learned something new! Very cool to have Dusky treating the main ailment and to have the player character support.


this is hella hard


Sorry to hear that! I just posted a few tips in reply to others so hopefully that makes it a bit less confusing. Let me know if I can answer any specific questions you have!

It's good though, it's fun but i don't know how to do something on the patient i just read the ripped things in the 'key search' (idk)...and, i dunno what to do next


go to the notebook at the bottom and type in your recommendation of an activity/treatment for them to do!


I'm having a really hard, confusing time with this game. The first patient, no matter what I put in, leaves negative (I've tried Collaborative Care, Therapy, Rest, Medication) and nothing works. The 2nd one doesn't leave happy but doesn't drop my score. The cat mom also leaves upset (Humidifier or Humid is the best option I can figure out?). I don't know what I am doing wrong or what I am missing. Do I need to be asking more questions? Is that even possible?


Ah I'm really sorry - I forgot to write that you need the keywords to be all lowercase! Please try that out. Additionally, try to connect whatever keywords the patients say to what you search up with the key (especially regarding symptoms). Thanks!

I got 77%.. i think something went wrong somewhere.. Anyway, this was a really relaxing game! The graphics, the music, the gameplay, they just go together very well! :)

oh, I got 85%, and I think I would've got 97% if I didn't mess up on the Beethoven cat XD (should've remembered that it said that reactions to smells were very individual)


i cant find any other puzzles then the word sleep other then that im completely lost


Hi! Try to connect whatever keywords they mention (typically symptoms) into the key.

ok thanks


I have no idea how to play this game. After assembling the puzzles I don't know what to do from there and anything I type onto the notepad results in a failure and I've tries replaying several times. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. 


hi! try reading the bolded portions after you complete the puzzle and picking out the most essential word (the one that best describes the treatment you'd like to give) and entering that word into the notepad.  i'm sorry you're having trouble though - please let me know if i can offer any more help!

Very fun and relaxing game!

Thank you! <3


I love the concept of this game, but I'm having major difficulties with the interface:

  • The box with the client's info overlaps the documents, so it's hard to position them to be able to read them. Also, I keep accidentally moving the contents of the box out of the box frame and losing them.
  • When I access info from the search function, trying to put the puzzle pieces together is very frustrating because I can't seem to get them aligned perfectly enough to be able to read the document. Is there any way they could snap into place?

Thank you so much for making this amazing game!

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Thank you so much for your comments! For the first, if you repeatedly pick up the others and move the ID/client info a bit further away it should hopefully be resolved. As for the second, what usually works for me is pulling all the pieces to one corner and rearranging them in the opposite corner. I'm not sure I could update the game majorly anytime soon but I really appreciate your interest and notes! I hope these help.