A short, warm simulator where you play as a nurse for cats! Based on student research on how holistic nursing can improve mood, KittyClinic gives the player opportunity to explore unique patient situations and learn about how holistic treatments can help. Made for a joint student art and research competition.

How to play: Click + space to interact with papers and keys. Space + drag to rearrange paper pieces IN WEB ONLY (click + drag for download). Click or type for everything else -- keywords must be LOWERCASE.

Check out the source code here.

Thank you for playing!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(161 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Educational, Puzzle, Visual Novel
Made withBosca Ceoil, Unity, Paint Tool SAI
Tags2D, Casual, Cats, Cute, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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 i got an 85!

i love this,  but the text is hard to read. other than that great game! love the concept too, wish there were more games like this.


I failed  my first playthrough on the second patient?? My second playthrough went much better tho


love this game! if you are struggling to move the pieces of paper, just press space on one of the piece and move it around


this is such a cute game, and I am terrible at it XD


how do I get the paper documents to move I keep trying to drag them around and nothing is happening it won't work and I got fired


uhhh everytime I get fired- how do I well- NOT get fired?

My first try I got -17% >.<; but I managed to get like 94% on my second try.

this game is sooo cute, heatwarming, and fun. i love all the adorable cats. the art style in warm brown/pink/tan tones is really satisfying and adds to the cozy aesthetic. it was a bit hard for me to figure out at first but i got the hang of it. my first completion was 75% and my second i got 109%! i love the personalities of the different cats and would love a sequel or more content for this game! 10/10 super cozy, will probably come back to when i need cheering up (:

I'm doing everything right though i get -8%?? Also, i'm not native so i think i misunderstood something 


my first time playthrough was horrible lol, i barely managed a 40%. Second/third time, i finally figured some things out, got the good decisions, and managed a staggering 109%!! (neat) overall super fun to play and adorable cats <3

tips: try not to write long, sentence-like words. use keywords like they said! check the bolded lines. super fun for people who enjoys cats & likes to be a nurse for fun hehe 


first time i got a 41%, then the second i restarted in the middle of gameplay because i lost 12 points for the one i suggested lavender essential oil to..... but third times the charm!! I got an 80% :) has anyone managed a 100% before? 

oh and also I would like to know how to actually start the game and start working on the patients.. I wasnt sure how so in the little thing where you suggest medication, I just put any random thing in there and click "sign off", then it will bring me to the patients, and I would get satisfaction levels subtracted because of that..... im pretty sure im doing something wrong but idk what else to do T-T

I also didnt read the description at all so i didnt know how to rearrange the pictures and ended up having to guess and fill in the blanks in my head from the pieces i was given....... since the pieces would be scattered in different places each time I click "search", I just kept researching and researching if i couldnt see the pieces clearly because of their placement.... LMAO I definitely should read instructions more.... haha!!!


Managed an 80%
This was a lot more in-depth and real than I was expecting, but I did enjoy it. Mixed my love for cute fuzzy animals with my enjoyment of (animal)medicinal education <333


Aw, I only got 40%! I think I did put the right answers... I suggested cognitive behavior therapy, lavender essential oil, touch therapy and... ok, for the baby I kind of wrote "fever-reducing medication, liquids, saline nose drops and humidifier" XD I didn't know which one was the right answer.

There's the obvious error in gameplay: Oreo's already receiving oxygen therapy so there's no point to sign off that treatment there (?). But that and most of the issues I had were already addressed in other comments.... and now I'm reading them, it seems the mother is a hardcover anti-vaxx promotor XD If the symptoms are getting worse, how is telling her to "rest" is a good answer? That kid is so going to die. Like, seriously, if you don't treat a high fever, you can die - more so if you're an infant. And the other things are just common sense - liquids especially.

Now speaking seriously, there are a few issues medically that one might address. You don't treat a concussion without rest, and you would be sued for malpractice if you tried to treat congestive heart failure without ACE inhibitors and diuretics... Actually, if the idea is that this was supposed to be an only-holistic clinic, and if you really are just a nurse... you can't give a treatment at all - oxygen therapy included. So... it's a bit troubling, that's all. Cute, but troubling XD


I ALSO WANTED TO PUT LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OILLL but i think I just put "essential oil" to shorten it... oops


Cute game but very confusing. The diagnosis is also a bit too specific so it's hard to get the right one... I clicked on this thinking I'd be able to pet them and nurse them, but this game feels a bit too much like a test. Not my thing, but it's nice for what it is. 


Cute game! I love it tysm!


what do you do for soccs?????




This game is cute and it's good too!




this is soooo cute and aesthetic! i love cats so much so ty for making this stress reliever game>_<


Decided I wanted to try to help everyone out, unless you want to be immediately spoiled for the answers here's how I finally got it. While you talk to your patients before getting access to the key, pay attention to their side effects like "migraine" or "lack of sleep" since those are usually the keywords, also check out the documents/papers that go with the key because usually that's also where the keywords will be stored. After you insert one of the keywords, you need to click and press space to drag the torn piece of documents together, you don't need to piece the entire document, just the headline and you don't need to input the entire headline, just the treatment it recommends. Your score will also be affected by the choices you make early on before you decipher the keywords so make sure to play along and be amiable! I finally got a score of 100 and added it to 112% but I'm very unsure about this...

Below is the cheat sheet for everyone.


For the keyword it's "concussion" and when you see the top of the article the sign off should be "collaborative care"


For the keyword it's "migraine" and the sign off should be "meditation"

Summer and Autumn:

For the keyword it's any of the following "sore throat, cough, and high fever" and the sign off should be "rest" (I want to thank lina for this, like I struggled a lot with this one)


Keyword should be "insomnia" and the sign off should be "aromatherapy"


Keyword should be "chf" and the sign off should be "oxygen therapies" (Actually here, I am so confused because in the article it states that it should be "energy therapies" so what is it really???)

This was the culmination of MULTIPLE playthroughs and help from the comment section...


you're welcome :)


Oreo's doesn't make sense to me. He's already on Oxygen therapy so why would we tell him that's what he needs to do? Like he's already being treated for chf, he just needs something to help with fatigue? lol


Yeah, I was also confused by this. It was misleading me a lot but I can only assume it was a game development oversight?


Thank you for this but, it doesn't work with Autumn?


Hello! What do you mean by it doesn't work with Autumn? Do you mean the keyword you need or the signoff?


Yes, I've put "rest" but she's still not satisfied.


Odd, maybe it was your conversation with her? I'm not sure since many here say that "rest" is the medicine she needs.

hi i just completed a couple playthroughs of this game and for Autumn i also lost points when i put rest. second try i put "fluids" and got some points, so i think thats it! also putting "oxygen therapies" for Oreo gave me either 0 or negative points, second try i put "energy therapy" and got positive points, achieving 109% in the end. maybe the devs changed it? hope this helps (:

(1 edit) (+4)(-1)

simba: collaborative care/typical care (both work!)
summer & autumn: rest
beetfurrven: aromatherapy
oreo: oxygen therapy

 +_+ cute game, it makes me think and i like it!! i hope you extend it in the future <3


wait, Oreo is already receiving oxygen theraphy. Weren't we supposed to suggest touch therapy? 

i kept losing idk what im doing wrong - i told the *cathlete* to rest and they got mad at me- helpppp--!!

(somehow i managed to complete the game now so yay)


the cathlete needs collaborative care! what did you look up as a keyword?


This game is purr-fect. I love it. One more thing you could add is making it longer.


I loved this game but at first try I couldn't figure it out than I read that your have to hold the space bar while moving the puzzle pieces around argh...if only.  I will have to try this cute game again.  Hope you make more games as it was very creative and purrfectly adorable.  


that was adorable! I wish it was longere and easier to figure out. Having to click and hold spacebar and drag at the same time, that was a pain. I lost the first time I played because it was hard to figure out

how do i get medicine in the game?


I type in the bolded words from the puzzle but I always lose, am I missing something? Like for the first one I put "aromatherapy" and I lost points. For the second one I put "Meditation" and i lost points. This game is so confusing, what am I missing? :/


idk how to play ;(

why do i feel like this is n̶o̶t̶ ̶g̶o̶n̶n̶a̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶h̶a̶p̶p̶y̶ ̶g̶a̶m̶e̶ the longer i play

was it a happy game?


Game is very cute, love the art, however it's kinda confusing. Scratch that, very confusing. The instructions are pretty vague and the whole key thing is not really explained. The piecing, as many have noticed, is very weird. Also, the "what should i do?" part is confusing as well. Instead, maybe it should say "What is their diagnosis?" and you enter the keywords, then it gives a list some illnesses and you have to chose the right one. I know it's a demo, so im not gonna be super harsh, just giving constructive criticism.

the what should i do is like the patient asking, you arent suppose to give a diagnoses youre suppose to tell them what to do about it

isnt that the part you add the keywords? i mean the whole thing seems like a diagnosis game. Most of the answers to "what should i do" would be "rest". I feel like if you could actually find and diagnose the issue, the game would be a lot more fun.

youre supposed to put your diagnosis in the search thing through the key.. then you get the answer/cure or what they should do by putting the papers together.. the notepad keyword thing is where you type what they should do..

how do you even beat this??


Very cute but I'm confused how I can do good? It says enter keywords and, for example on the first one I say "Concussion, Collaborative Care, Cognitive  Behavioral Therapy, CBT, Sleep" and I get -27?
Also, the article puzzle is really broken. You can't click (er, spacebar) and drag, and the hitboxes on some pieces are strange. Like, you try to click one, but instead it activates the hitbox for one all the way across the page :/
Very cute art style and dialogue, and a very good concept, I just wish I could really understand how to play?

Try saying "Typical Care" you're supposed to give them something to do about it, not every possible cure and diagnosis

cnmon make's the cutest games


temmie? as in lilypichu's temmie? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >u<


The piecing part of the game is really bad. Why is everything else click and drag, but for the piecing you press space? Plus it's super broken and bad to use, it moves the pieces of paper a tiny bit then just stops working and I can barely control which piece I'm picking up. It makes the game basically unplayable.

(1 edit) (+2)(-7)

Id rank this game a 4/10 dogs, no dogs and a 9/10 cats, a lot of cats . And I am not a charismatic or uh anything so uh, I just got fired at the third day


what did you expect- its a kittyClinic-

Deleted 1 year ago

I'm an idiot, this is kinda funny


Adorable game. I personally had a hard time with diagnosis is but I absolute love the idea of the game and the art style!

(1 edit) (+2)

Adorable game with an amazing art style, but sadly can never figure out the right treatment so I always do bad. Aside from that, hard recommend for the cute characters and style!

Yea I  can relate!


i cant figure out any of the right keywords :( so i just keep failing

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