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ive seen that stupid math post so many times that i already knew what the answers were

i love this game, i wish they have more stuff to do like more stuff she wants to buy so she can kill more people :D

Cute game, but the way we slaughtered them either way T-T

Thanks for the game. The math problem confused me. The answer was out of the box. I played twice, killed 4 people and got a hat


but how do you get her to 

  • feel emotions (?)

luv this, is so cute


math problem: *asks whats coconut + apple + bananas*

me thinking WAY outside the box: "A FRUIT SALAD."

Does anyone know how to solve that math problem(I am internally screaming)


you gotta count the individual bananas not bundle by bundle. so one bundle of bananas has 4 bananas meaning 4 + 4 bananas + 1 apple (which equals to 10) gives 18.

the final question is 1 coconut (2) + 1 apple (10) + 3 bananas (one individual banana is 1) so the final answer is 15 because 2 + 10 + 3 = 15

i struggled too but if you answer wrong once the game gives a hint that says "count the bananas" or something like that they just mean every banana in each bundle



this is so girlboss

so slay

Love da game the hat is amazing

Your  weird if u really feel bad for a character  from a game

ur weird



I feel bad for killing everyone, but I least I now  have a very cool hat xd. 10/10 loved it.


Ngl I feel bad for Tom 


i loved it please do it longeer


I just murder Josh cuz I cant count, 10/10


are there any games kind of..exactly like this?! I need more games like this


i feel bad for tom -- he was just trying to take care of his grandmother :(


Good game! its really.. scary that you capture those poor people and what will you do with them... Poor people  

People the one are stuck in a soul room: HELP ME!!! I NEED TO GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!

You: meh


love it


very fun and cut


---{ Graphics }---

☐ You forget what reality is

☑ Beautiful

☐ Good

☐ Decent

☐ Bad

☐ Don‘t look too long at it


---{ Gameplay }---

☑ Very good

☐ Good

☐ It's just gameplay

☐ Mehh

☐ Watch paint dry instead

☐ Just don't

---{ Audio }---

☐ Eargasm

☑ Very good

☐ Good

☐ Not too bad

☐ Bad

☐ I'm now deaf

---{ Audience }---

☑ Kids

☑ Teens

☑ Adults

☑ Grandma

---{ PC Requirements }---

☐ Check if you can run paint

☑ Potato

☐ Decent

☐ Fast

☐ Rich boi

☐ Ask NASA if they have a spare computer

---{ Difficulty }---

☐ Just press 'W'

☐ Easy

☑ Easy to learn / Hard to master

☐ Significant brain usage

☐ Difficult

☐ Dark Souls

---{ Grind }---

☑ Nothing to grind

☐ Only if u care about leaderboards/ranks

☐ Isn't necessary to progress

☐ Average grind level

☐ Too much grind

☐ You'll need a second life for grinding

---{ Story }---

☐ No Story

☐ Some lore

☑ Average

☐ Good

☐ Lovely

☐ It'll replace your life

---{ Game Time }---

☐ Long enough for a cup of coffee

☐ Short

☑ Average

☐ Long

☐ To infinity and beyond

---{ Price }---

☑ It's free!

☐ Worth the price

☐ If it's on sale

☐ If u have some spare money left

☐ Not recommended

☐ You could also just burn your money

---{ Bugs }---

☑ Never heard of

☐ Minor bugs

☐ Can get annoying

☐ ARK: Survival Evolved

☐ The game itself is a big terrarium for bugs

---{ ? / 10 }---

☐ 1

☐ 2

☐ 3

☐ 4

☐ 5

☐ 6

☐ 7

☑ 8

☐ 9

☐ 10

Grab this review template here! 👉


i played this so many times but i COULD NOT solve the math problem (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)


rip ;-;



The question is asking for a single banana, yet the bananas are in a bunch, it's asking what a single one in the bunch is worth.

this game is so cute omg i love the art style


anything for a hat, even if it means stealing the souls of innocent people. <3 anyway, this was a fantastic game! the art style is very adorable and adds to the enjoyment of the game. the characters we encounter are likewise diverse, with various tasks for us to complete. a quick but entertaining game! <3

"anything for a hat, even if it means stealing the souls of innocent people." 



nooo im so rude!! im so sorry!!!

2 time baby

So damn cute! I always come back to this!

Deleted post

lol the part when you lose in the maddi one is funny

i feel bad but at least i got my had lmfao 

Cute, thank you!



I felt so bad for all of them, but at least I have my hat now lmao.

(1 edit) (-1)

I didn't get everything but cute game nonetheless.        

3 Rando Games


Its really cute! Kinda feeling bad for Maddi tho...

Deleted 255 days ago

what a cute game! I loved it, it's cute and worth the hat

i cant do do anything with the arrow keys or the math problem so basically cant do most of it pls halp 

there are some answers you can see in the comments for the math and others! :D

ik the answers but the controls arent working

ah, my bad. Have you tried both WASD and arrow keys?

yea nothings working lmao 


what did you use to code this game? and what app was usd for the drawing and everything? 

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