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100000000000/10   :D

i love this game 10/10

short but very fun aha

ok but why does a bush and a flower actually have impact when coming into contact with the scooter while im delivering some letters

and why does the grandma need ice cream and chips

eu asso  que e uma menina


it's really cute and pretty funny! +1 to anyone looking for a quick, light (minus the murders) game

I love this game!!

somehow i cannot do the math

yes i am stupid

but seriously the bananas are 3 how is it not 15 the apples are 10 and the coconuts are 2 so how are the bananas not 3, i can count and there is 3 bananas in the banana rather than 4 bananas, meaning that the answer should be 15, at first you may think 16 because 4 bananas, 10+2+4=16 but the bananas are 3, so 10+2+3=15, either that or im stupid

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I know this was 10 days ago, but when it says "1 banana" on the thing you gotta put "1" for the answer. I was confused at first but I got it right after that. Yes saying that there is 15 in total is correct but you have to put one when it asks what one banana is.



The souls of 4 people for a nice hat? An equivalent exchange if I do say so myself.

doesnt work for me

is there a full screen?


Now I ain't saying I kill anybody...but I do got a nice hat tho...

ooo noice hat bro 🔥🔥🔥

It do be a gooder!

I love this game's art style lol

It was a very fun, cute kinda dark game.! I enjoyed it a lot!


I loved this, fun, silly,short, and just a bunch of mini games! I have to say, that hat was worth it >:)

I couldn't move-


lets just say i was never good the store while shopping

lol why a hat


why not!

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This is a  cute little game! I like how you can choose to be rude or nice, the cartoony artstyle is also pretty nice. I couldn't understand the math one though 'cause I'm dum dum. Overall a really good game.

same, idk how the answer isnt 15 (3 bananas if you look closely, if coconut = 2 and banana = 4 but now banana = 3 because theres only 3 bananas and apple = 10 it should mean 15)


this is so cute! Love the game.

I love this game <3


"do souls look like pickles?"

                                            -Spongebob Squarepants


Lol xD

It's always spongebob's quotes :)




"the world needs another plague" thx for that one

i like it!!!!!! soooo much


Cool game, save for the math section which is pretty of frustrating. I suppose the banana trick is a bit clever, but after you've heavily stressed that you're counting each individual fruit, a group of 2 coconuts is labeled as "1 coconut." That part ruins any value that would've been gotten from pulling one over the player, as that specific nitpick isn't consistently applied.

of course, I'm so stupid


It's cute! I like it!

i love the art so much 

very simple and cute i love ittt,,,,

i like the its really fun


Seriously, why are you literally the best creator ever???  All of your games are strait up masterpieces, no doubt about it. Yet again, I loved this game.


Another cnnmon gem! I played Good Morning! and it was the sparkiest gem in the cave!

Heh, loved it!!


love it! great ending hah


A cute and interesting game. I kinda feel bad for the boy and his grandma. The other characters were also very likable.

excellent little game. super cute drawings and great overall presentation: slick transition, cute UI elements, great music. eager to check out your other works sometime

This game, while I believe it is easy, is still very amazing. So fun to play, and it is just great!


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You ever have a hard day of being the grim reaper, sit down, relax, make a cup of tea, grab your favorite catalog only to realize they have an amazing sale on hats today? I thought so! In Slice of Scythe, join us as we go shopping for a hat. The best hat. The only hat. All at the low low cost of only 4 souls! May I buy a hat please?

Nooo I clicked off :C, But its a great game!

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