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10/10 will play again to have tea with my friend.

Love it! Glitches a bit though

Such a cute lil' game~! <3



I agree

cute    (:  <3


so cute!

A really cute game, with nice music! I like it.  Here's a video of it, hope you enjoy :)

Very cute and fell-good game, well done! Made me feel all warm and cozy, thank you for this! :)

tgank u for game i love it s omuch!!!!!!

That was awesome! Great work. :)

This game is absolutely lovely! Great Work, really enjoyed it. 

Aww so cute!


When I try to play the game on web, it shows black. Even though, the music plays.


im on the 'work on a project' bit and i cant get past it, i think i set it up right but it won't let me move to the next scene. did i do something wrong?

shoot me a screenshot at!








I really liked the bedroom background, its currently my desktop background.
I liked it  soo much that i was kinda bummed that there isnt a night version
So i made one myself!
Im quite proud of myself since i made it at 3am uwu
Obviously its going to be set as my desktop background at some point
And in no way will i give it out to people, saying the entire thing is mine.


your night edit is super cute! i'm glad you liked it!!

Great game, made me feel warm inside.

Game Aruptly crashes D:

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this was my first aesthetic game and you made me so happy!^^ that i chose this holy game it made me think that i owned an aesthetic life it also made me more calm but another thing is..the screen resolution of the game didnt fit my screen so i had to play half of the game it was quite sad but it made my day better (^o^)

it sooo cut

I really enjoyed this game! Art and music was on point. What did you use to create the art?

thank you!!  i used paint tool sai

im gonna cry, this game is adorable

Everything about this game is my jam (pun intended!)

I had a great day thanks to this game

why my screen is black

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i needed this :(


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Hey I'm a video game music composer- I don't know how to contact you but I came across this game and it's so awesome! I write similar music to what you're using so maybe we can collaborate because I really dig what you're doing.

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thank you! feel free to reach out to me at

so precious and relaxing uwu

Nice fun little puzzles and activities.  I love the music and relaxed feel.

love it its so cute

ps also like all the Easter eggs 

this is such a cute game! :)


SUCh a lovely game. really stress relieving, and the illustrations were ABSOLUTELY preCiOUs. love, lOve, LOVE!! <3


Simple, interesting and warm. Nothing like a little game to start the day with and related to, you guessed it, starting your day! It'll be interesting to go meta and actually try this when I get up in the morning.

I love all your games .3.

love the lofi music

So cute :0

hey, I loved the song and would love to have it and have more similar versions, but says the profile does not exist. :c

thanks for letting me know! they changed their soundcloud name so i updated it now to their new one.

thank you. sz

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