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Cute game but very confusing. The diagnosis is also a bit too specific so it's hard to get the right one... I clicked on this thinking I'd be able to pet them and nurse them, but this game feels a bit too much like a test. Not my thing, but it's nice for what it is. 


Cute game! I love it tysm!


what do you do for soccs?????



This game is cute and it's good too!


this is soooo cute and aesthetic! i love cats so much so ty for making this stress reliever game>_<


Decided I wanted to try to help everyone out, unless you want to be immediately spoiled for the answers here's how I finally got it. While you talk to your patients before getting access to the key, pay attention to their side effects like "migraine" or "lack of sleep" since those are usually the keywords, also check out the documents/papers that go with the key because usually that's also where the keywords will be stored. After you insert one of the keywords, you need to click and press space to drag the torn piece of documents together, you don't need to piece the entire document, just the headline and you don't need to input the entire headline, just the treatment it recommends. Your score will also be affected by the choices you make early on before you decipher the keywords so make sure to play along and be amiable! I finally got a score of 100 and added it to 112% but I'm very unsure about this...

Below is the cheat sheet for everyone.


For the keyword it's "concussion" and when you see the top of the article the sign off should be "collaborative care"


For the keyword it's "migraine" and the sign off should be "meditation"

Summer and Autumn:

For the keyword it's any of the following "sore throat, cough, and high fever" and the sign off should be "rest" (I want to thank lina for this, like I struggled a lot with this one)


Keyword should be "insomnia" and the sign off should be "aromatherapy"


Keyword should be "chf" and the sign off should be "oxygen therapies" (Actually here, I am so confused because in the article it states that it should be "energy therapies" so what is it really???)

This was the culmination of MULTIPLE playthroughs and help from the comment section...

you're welcome :)


Oreo's doesn't make sense to me. He's already on Oxygen therapy so why would we tell him that's what he needs to do? Like he's already being treated for chf, he just needs something to help with fatigue? lol

Yeah, I was also confused by this. It was misleading me a lot but I can only assume it was a game development oversight?

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simba: collaborative care/typical care (both work!)
summer & autumn: rest
beetfurrven: aromatherapy
oreo: oxygen therapy

 +_+ cute game, it makes me think and i like it!! i hope you extend it in the future <3

i kept losing idk what im doing wrong - i told the *cathlete* to rest and they got mad at me- helpppp--!!

(somehow i managed to complete the game now so yay)


the cathlete needs collaborative care! what did you look up as a keyword?


This game is purr-fect. I love it. One more thing you could add is making it longer.


I loved this game but at first try I couldn't figure it out than I read that your have to hold the space bar while moving the puzzle pieces around argh...if only.  I will have to try this cute game again.  Hope you make more games as it was very creative and purrfectly adorable.  


that was adorable! I wish it was longere and easier to figure out. Having to click and hold spacebar and drag at the same time, that was a pain. I lost the first time I played because it was hard to figure out

how do i get medicine in the game?


I type in the bolded words from the puzzle but I always lose, am I missing something? Like for the first one I put "aromatherapy" and I lost points. For the second one I put "Meditation" and i lost points. This game is so confusing, what am I missing? :/


idk how to play ;(

why do i feel like this is n̶o̶t̶ ̶g̶o̶n̶n̶a̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶h̶a̶p̶p̶y̶ ̶g̶a̶m̶e̶ the longer i play

was it a happy game?


Game is very cute, love the art, however it's kinda confusing. Scratch that, very confusing. The instructions are pretty vague and the whole key thing is not really explained. The piecing, as many have noticed, is very weird. Also, the "what should i do?" part is confusing as well. Instead, maybe it should say "What is their diagnosis?" and you enter the keywords, then it gives a list some illnesses and you have to chose the right one. I know it's a demo, so im not gonna be super harsh, just giving constructive criticism.

the what should i do is like the patient asking, you arent suppose to give a diagnoses youre suppose to tell them what to do about it

isnt that the part you add the keywords? i mean the whole thing seems like a diagnosis game. Most of the answers to "what should i do" would be "rest". I feel like if you could actually find and diagnose the issue, the game would be a lot more fun.

how do you even beat this??


Very cute but I'm confused how I can do good? It says enter keywords and, for example on the first one I say "Concussion, Collaborative Care, Cognitive  Behavioral Therapy, CBT, Sleep" and I get -27?
Also, the article puzzle is really broken. You can't click (er, spacebar) and drag, and the hitboxes on some pieces are strange. Like, you try to click one, but instead it activates the hitbox for one all the way across the page :/
Very cute art style and dialogue, and a very good concept, I just wish I could really understand how to play?

Try saying "Typical Care" you're supposed to give them something to do about it, not every possible cure and diagnosis

cnmon make's the cutest games


temmie? as in lilypichu's temmie? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee >u<


The piecing part of the game is really bad. Why is everything else click and drag, but for the piecing you press space? Plus it's super broken and bad to use, it moves the pieces of paper a tiny bit then just stops working and I can barely control which piece I'm picking up. It makes the game basically unplayable.

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Id rank this game a 4/10 dogs, no dogs and a 9/10 cats, a lot of cats . And I am not a charismatic or uh anything so uh, I just got fired at the third day


what did you expect- its a kittyClinic-

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I'm an idiot, this is kinda funny

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